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Upstate Institute is a provider of professional development for school support staff.

Have county- or district-specific needs? Please contact us for more customized assistance!  

This event is typically held in the fall on a superintendent's conference day.  It is created for individuals providing classroom support (i.e. school aide, teaching assistant) or working with students outside the classroom (hall monitor, parent liaison) or ANYONE with an interest in improving their work relationship with students or other classroom professionals.

Need training? We can help! Safety procedures, student concerns and basic mechanics of transport vehicles are some of the topics that have been covered in past events catered to transportation personnel. 

Contact us to collaborate and to receive BOCES aid for training.

Tailored to suit busy schedules of personnel, these after-work events are filled with stress-relief solutions, regulation updates and ways to prepare food for people with dietary restrictions. These events are sometimes held in August and often in the spring.

Usually held in the summer, facilities personnel events are designed for custodians, groundskeepers, maintenance personnel and their supervisors who are looking to improve their hazard prevention skills.


Held in the fall, these events help personnel

prevent school violence. These events teach personnel how to identify warning signs of drug abuse and bullying. 2016's conference included CPR/AED certification!

From technical trainings on how to accomplish daily tasks to wellbeing topics, educational office professionals can expect to leave this event with a wide range of skills to help themselves and others succeed!


Event Reviews
Here's what a few of the previous conference attendees had to say about the events:

-"Very nice introduction. Really enjoyed the (keynote speaker's) piece. The driving portion was fun.

It was nice to work with other drivers and hear experiences." -Transportation personnel attendee

-"Amazing strength. Inspirational. I will take this back to my district." -Safety and security attendee

-"I always learn something here. I have and am very thankful for the wonderful team and boss I have

but this conference is going to help me more with my home life this year." -Food service attendee

-"(Keynote Speaker) was a pleasure to listen to. She was charismatic and upbeat.

I would love to hear her again."-Para-educator attendee

-"Everything was perfect and well organized. Very satisfied with instructors." -Transportation personnel attendee

-"(Keynote) was terrific! (Speaker) was even better! She's an amazing person and made a great, positive impact on my way of thinking about talking to people." -Office professional attendee

-"This is my third conference from (UI) and I have taken away something valuable from each one" -Office professional attendee

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