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March 12, 2021

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2019 EOP Planning Committee
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COMMITTEE MEMBERS (left to right): Pam Mann, Roni Walker, Peggy Alaimo, Chris Tickyj, MJ McQuilkin, Liz Vazquez, Sandie Purdy, Colleen Clarke, Lorry Whipple. MISSING: Michelle Stenglein

ACHIEVEMENT & The Importance of Ongoing Professional Development:
A letter from the NAEOP Administrative Council Chair

Many have wondered and some have even asked, “Why do I need to participate in professional development?” It always baffles me that there are people who have no interest in continual learning and growth because I am someone who not only knows the value, but has also been the recipient of the benefits associated with being a lifelong learner.


So…you’ve obtained your degree, right? You have been on your job for a number of years, right? Your boss is satisfied with your work, right? Your performance reviews indicate you are meeting the expectations, right? So, why would you need to continue to engage in professional development? You should give yourself a pat on the back because you have “made it” right?


If you do not continue to learn and grow you will fall behind your colleagues who will stand head and shoulders above you.


Continuing professional development ensures you remain competent in your profession. It is an ongoing process that continues throughout your career and beyond. Appropriate and relevant professional development delivers benefits to the individual, the public, and the profession. It also has many rewards. Following are five of the best reasons to engage in ongoing professional development:


1.      It ensures your capabilities keep pace with current standards of others in the same field.


2.      It ensures you maintain and enhance your skillset so you can deliver professional service to your colleagues, customers, and community.


3.      It ensures you are able to make a meaningful contribution to your team and makes you more effective and efficient in all you do.


4.      It can lead to greater self-confidence and increased public confidence in your abilities.


5.      It can be fun, open doors, and foster relationships that will further your career.


The importance of continuing professional development cannot be underestimated and is something all successful people engage in on a regular basis. It does not have to come at a great cost either. There are many free resources online or within your “circle of influence” that are readily accessible. However, even if there is a cost associated with it, you’re worth it, right? Absolutely you are! An investment in yourself is a gift that will keep on giving and the return on that investment will be immeasurable. Remember, knowledge is power and something that can never be taken away from you. So, get out there and find some professional development opportunities to participate in and work toward being a better office professional tomorrow than you are today.


Georgette Council, CEOE

National Association of Educational Office Professionals

Administrative Council Chairman

Spring 2019

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